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Hilary Duff vs Jessica Alba vs Jennifer Aniston in Bikinis in Mexico of the Day

It must be cinco de mayo or some shit, maybe it’s that these women like to eat tacos, or maybe they are doing some dodgy tax evasion tactics down in Mexico, or maybe it’s just Jennifer Aniston’s 100th birthday, where she brought down her good friend Jessica Alba for the party and Hilary Duff’s thick legs she brought on the beach, since it’s a close flight to LA, and celebrities love jerking each other off and hanging out since they’ve got nothing better to do as they work, and get overpaid for their work, 6 weeks out of the year like a bunch of fucking scamming bums….bums…that are in bikinis…in some 90s blast from the past you can’t help but love…

Maybe they aren’t even together on this trip, even if these people all like hanging out together as it is good for PR…while hating each other…because they are actors and self involved and hate the competition….Mexico is a huge country…they could all be in different zones, but it is safe to assume that no matter where they are they can get the purest cocaine available since they don’t need to deal with all the shit cut with cleaning detergents you find in America after it has made way across the border wall trump built….all while eating some damn tacos…because tacos are awesome…that I think Hilary Duff needs more of….while I try to stare at hers…

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  • gwen

    Just want to point out that Jessica Alba has some hideously ugly feet.

  • TruthSayer

    Hilary wins this hounds down!