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Alexis Ren’s Waist to Hip Ratio of the Day

I think Alexis Ren realizes that her face isn’t all that great, because her best work involves her body, which is an insane body, a thin body, that’s been jacked up with fake tits body, but that still is thin as fuck, with a great waist to hip ratio that is is consistently hard to find as women become more and more fat as fuck…fascinating – not really – but this selfie, with camera face, looking like she’s starved herself for a few days…is lovely as fuck…and a little racy too…I mean she’s a girl who posted softcore erotica porn for married women…all grinding up on her dude who is no longer her dude…to cash the fuck in…in the weirdest thing that’s succeeded in social media in a while….

Not too exciting..but that body…good..

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