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Eva Mendes Erotica of the Day

Eva Mendes is a lot of fun…she was the token hispanic girl in movies who showed her awesome tits…before the world knew we needed a token hispanic girl to show her tits….back in a time before Sofia Vergara stole her thunder and stepped on her toes by showing her bigger tits and doing it on TV….the more accessible pre-internet media takevover..

Sure, she’s a mom, she’s married to Ryan Reynolds or Gosling, or who the fuck cares, some fucking Canadian named Ryan….and she’s not the hot slut naked in all the movies…like the well paid instagram model pre instagram who knows how to get fucking paid….

She posted this picture and it’s safe to say…she fucking brings the fucking goods…substantially hotter…but that could be a comparison issue…like when average chicks hang with fat pigs to be the hot one in the group…but the extreme fucking version of that…

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