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Selena Gomez Gomez NOt Dead of the Day

I prefer when these child stars die….you know from drug addiction, being broken, having no childhood but having terrible parents you can’t trust because they will sell you out like a little hooker…

But Selena Gomez, despite having a terminal disease that is reverse AIDS….or her going to rehab to deal with her coddled, entitled, rich as fuck, and annoying emotions, she’s back out…looking better than ever…using those implants to good use…for VOGUE MAGAZINE…because she’s fashionable….

She’s also fucking the WEEKND’s black dick, probably to leverage her career like she did with Beiber, it’s a bit of a Gomez fetish, FUCK THE POPULAR ACT ….

She even does it socially by hanging out with Taylor Swift, it’s like girl gets it, she’s been raised in it…and unfortunately she’s too clever for sex tapes and nudes like the others…she knows that has value…unless in a hotel room being desecrated by some male act with a huge black penis according to the people I know who have fuked him….she does that for free, or really for exposure…and I guess it’s a two way street since she’s the most followed account on social media and it’s not even that good….something she probably hustled with Zuckerberg direct…because she’s a hustler…in a bikini…for Vogue…looking good….


She was also at Yoga looking good, this new face the Weeknd Cums On…is treating her alright…

Looking good girl…all it took was some rehab / black cock and plastic surgery….

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  • Old BBS Geek

    She’s the masturbation fantasy “it girl” for everyone who’s ever wanted to bang a 14-year old girl who’s wearing nothing but her Special Olympics medal.