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Ashley Graham Shoots for her Swimsuit Line of the Day

ASHLEY GREY HAM…or as she prefers Graham Cracker Crust on all the pie that she’s eaten to get herself to this overrated obesity that is seen as marketable because the world is fat and fat girls need a hero…because GREY HAM although more relevant for her sloppy, lackluster, expired sandwich meat of a body…from a pig…isn’t ass sweet or delicious…

She’s out there, ass out, for her black husband who built up her fat ego, to a fat place where it was oozing out cheese spread….making the money due to polarizing being a pig who is unhealthy, but current – because America is unhealthy….

Shamelessly trying to make more money through her fat girl in skimpy clothes modeling..

I guess we live in an era where fat girls are allowed at the beach, without being pointed and laughed at and forced to wear a snow suit….or long sleeved over sized t-shirt to protect their sensitive, pale from laziness, skin…

Which is really a fucking tragedy..she is a monster!! If you like monsters and you do…this one’s for you!

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  • Mushy Waffle

    Just fucking gross

  • I SAID

    i bet if she offered yal some pu55y or she twerked on u then it wouldnt be gross then. stop hating

  • Tim Church

    “If you like monsters and you do…this one’s for you!”

    How fitting: Finish with a sentence as needless & pointless as the rest of the post!

  • Goodwolfe21

    Once upon time, Ashley Graham was kind of hot. Yes, she pushed the limits of how big was too big, but at probably a size 14, she was shapely and fairly toned. Now, she has definitely gained a good bit of weight and is getting close to Tess Holiday sized 22 level of obesity, and it’s not pretty. Sad.

  • Tim Church

    Not sure if I agree with some of that, or if the other parts are true.

    However, these days, referring only to TV (aside from the Internet), half the shows & things are Mr. T (& other comedic &/or uncoordinated folks) on “Dancing With The Stars” or “Mama June” (who anyone only knows due to Honey Boo Boo) going “From Not To Hot” (which you needn’t watch if you spend any time on the aforementioned ‘Net)…

    If you were ever someone somebody else wanted to look at (or may potentially be some day), there is a channel out there wanting to show you on it (even as CLOO & Esquire die & TNN-turned-Spike readies to change names & styles again).