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Jenna Dewan Tatum’s See Through Shirt of the Day

Every girl is a feminist, even the ones that are perpetuating the patriarchy in starving themselves to meet some ideal that has been set for them, often times by other women, to not be fat pigs…and for some reason…are confusing being a fat big and empowered with feminism…when you’re just doing the same thing the skinny women are doing as they perpetuate the patriarchy…because that’s what you all want…the traditional sense or acceptance as being a hot chick…not a healthy or happy or successful or fulfilled chick…but a hot chick….and they think shifting the social norm to think hot chicks are defined differently than they were is not just perpetuating objectifying themselves…idiots..

But when feminism presents itself in fashion, by not wearing bras, by showing their nipples, as a Feminist, I celebrate them….but mainly as a pervert because this nipples out thing doesn’t progress shit, but it gives me tit to jerk off to…

I once met Channing Tatum’s manager or agent in a bar, he told me that when he used to bring him scripts at his house, he’d be having “naked” parties with this woman he ended up marrying and knocking up….and he’d try to get the agent in on it with them…and as someone who likes nudity….looking at the nipple of someone who likes being nude…I’m just mad she’s not walking out mom pussy forward…exposed…and flapping in the wind…what a cunt…unfortunately…not literally.

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