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Kendall Jenner’s Controversial Pepsi Ad of the Day

I think the biggest joke in this ad is that they are using Kendall Jenner and girl isn’t doing it for free, like she should be, according to me, because I understand there is value in using someone all the kids follow and who has positioned herself as relevant, but I think she wants it so bad, isn’t that hot, and the whole family disgusting, trashy, twats who shouldn’t be given money for anything due to their desperation and the fact that they do NOTHING…and have DONE nothing…and aren’t talented in anyway….it’s like “you wanna be in our ad, cool, but we aren’t paying you, we pay the professionals”….proving yet again that professional models don’t need much skill….

But people are mad because it mocks activism. It mocks black lives matter. The intent is to say “cops kill black people, but some rich cunt so detached from reality can hop into a protest and hand a cop a Pepsi, because she’s some rich cunt so detached from reality, and she didn’t really even want that Pepsi, she’s more a coke girl, but Pepsi are the one paying her so let’s pretend OK”…..

So rich vapid twat – detached from the world – hops into a protest from a BUSY photoshoot because that’s what defines Kendall…doing photoshoots…with some random activist…and within a minute she’s with the cops….knowing she’s more like them than these dirty activist weirdos..

Either way, activists are pretty upset about it. Talk about parodying what goes on the world, making it cheesy and a joke, using a joke of a model, whose career is very real, but still a joke….

It’s nice to see a rich kid, uneducated and unaffected, can mend the differences between cops and protestors…blacks being shot by cops….because she is the beacon of white gold…white hope..and can solve everything with a Pepsi.

The more absurd thing about this commercial isn’t the mocking of Black Lives Matter or the Women’s March, or really any anti-establishment commanding change event….it’s that this probably cost 10 million dollars to produce. 10 million dollars that could have been spent elsewhere on good.

I guess this is why COKE is the party drug of choice.

The only thing that would make this better, funnier, more powerful is if the cop shot her in the throat for being a fucking terrorist…

I guess this has been a success for Pepsi….people be talking.

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