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Kate Beckinsale Freakishly Hot in a Bikini of the Day

Kate Beckinsale must have made a deal with one of the nerds who was obsessed with her – in some Weird Science kind of way – because she doesn’t age….not to mention she’s from the UK and if you know anything about women from the UK, 99 percent of them are monsters with rotting teeth, trashy living in Caravans with Clown looking massive tits….

She’s hot….she’ skinny…she’s a mom in her 40s….

I’ve never seen Underworld, but it is the only thing that she’s ever done, and I do know that it’s about vampires…which could explain whatever is going on in these bikini pics, you know with the whole vampires don’t age…but vampires aren’t real…but apparently Beckinsale is….

Maybe she’s just CGI, you know an animation…I mean these pics are a little grainy…maybe these are from two decades a go and she built out a catalog back then and just posts old content pretending it is current….and any Kate Beckinsale pubic appearances are photoshopped or holograms – because she’s not quite famous enough to matter – she could go unnoticed and you could easily create an illusion of success and fame….without even existing…but it’s good to pretend she exists while jerking off to her bikini body….because if it was an animation, you’d be weird, but you are weird and you are a creepy…but you already know that.

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