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Britney Spears in a Bikini of the Day

There is no better way to ring in the Easter weekend, a weekend from family, with the most fucked up up family, that still has great tightly knit family values, thanks to the parents owning the adult daughter – because she makes them money – and you can’t throw away that gift of making money – through their redneck hick genitals – you must keep it working for you – good old family values…

The Spears…the only real motivation I’ve ever had to breed, from K-Fed mooching, to her parents mooching, we all need a Britney to manipulate and own in our lives…it’s true..

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  • Mary Donna Olade


  • Matty Ice 2016

    she still has it …….Vegas has been good to her

  • 61881N5 .

    She never really had it …..You mean Plastic Surgery has been good to her!

  • OMFG yessss

  • always soo many coons on the front page