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Elizabeth Hurley Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley may be melting away…her flesh may be hanging off her while in her bikini…she may not be a tone, fit, amazing bikini model now that she’s 100, but for some reason, a reason I call being a pervert who appreciates what was, and can accept what is because it once was…she’s amazing..

But today…she runs her own destiny…unless this new bikini hustle is her investor or partner demanding her to post half naked pics to increase sales…or maybe it is financed by someone she fucks, because why spend your own money….

Some puppets or in her case sex toys remain puppets forever…even when they have their own money…they like to be controlled….and when they look like Liz Hurley…even in her 50s…

Looking good enough to cum inside – but too bad you’re not a billionaire and she can’t get knocked up.

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