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Kendall Jenner is the Empire State Building of the Day


You know a viral prank has gone too far, when the family, the worst, most vile and useless people, who just really understand marketing and manipulating the retard people into buying into their shit….

When girl is projected on the Empire State Building….like a bad horror movie, post apocalyptic, EVIL overlord type futuristic movie.

Shit is terrifying…but it is happening, and you are all allowing it.

She’s not even that hot…she’s a fucking monster…but not as much of a monster as her dad turned mom, or sisters, but she’s still not hot enough to be the fucking Empire State building, maybe inserting the Empire State Building in her ass in a video like she was KIM, but projected on it…that’s fucking setting up a target for pretty angry, uptight, fed up people…to do bad things to it….

Here’s that creepy KIM VS KYLIE picture going around to remind you that either these cunts are both created in the same plastic surgery lab…because they are half sisters and shouldn’t look this close together – or Kyle is one of Kim’s abortions that survived and they raised to be a merchant of evil selling product…to make the world a more and horrible place…

Some tits…

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