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Tess Holiday VS Uber of the Day

This is a hilarious altercation – with a fat uber driver worried about the health of his client, because he was clearly trying to relate to her because he has probably been told to lose weight – and sees he’s the size of her arm – so how could something fit in a car, exist and will his suspension handle it – he can’t afford the repair making the ride in UBER BLACK not pay for itself, a ride she pays extra for so she fits in the damn car and doesn’t get stuck trying to get into a Corrolla or some shit that isn’t as XL as her.

SHE Is a Monster…

“my Chloesterol is fine, i’m perfect” – is the biggest lolz to me, because she’s a fucking monster. She’s so fat…yet she claims she’s healthy. Does she actually believe that she’s healthy or that she’s perfect, there is no way this is healthy, there is no way she’s not going to die prematurely, there is no way that she likes being this fat….

Sure, she can claim to have a “fat wallet” to go with her fat everything else….which is a subjective statement, because if fat chick brands throw fat chick money at fat chicks, who would otherwise live in an artist loft, walls wouldn’t get in the way of her sheer and utter size….working at a coffee shop – angry and edgy for 10 dollars an hour….

How can she think she’s perfect? Cuz a fat chick store gives her a catalog contract,
and other fat chicks tell her she’s amazing, because they all want to believe it’s OK to be this massive, your bones, your heart, your life suffers because of it – even if it’s made you matter like a freak show freak…it’s disgusting.

Everyone knows fat is bad, it isn’t beautiful, and this one is on another level of fat…so I don’t know why or how she can lie to her people, and be such a negative enabler, like keep on eating, it’s ok….when clearly…science proves otherwise..

Yes, fat chicks everywhere, listen to this fat chick, cuz you’re fat, tired and lazy, and it’s easier to remain fat and think it’s ok, even though you’re going to die because of it.

She’s a fucking drug dealer, basically, and needs to be taken out back and shot…or better yet, give a gastric bipass surgery so that she gets skinny, leaving her with nothing to talk about.

The fascinating thing in this burlesque, weird group, is that she’s had a fucking kid…a dude actually knocked her up..you this shit happen at walmart checkout counters…where you ask “How does she have a kid”…but it always and will always blow me away….disgusting….

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