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Tess Holiday BBW Monster of the Day

Tess Holiday Fat Fuck

Tess Holiday is a monster, who has been feeling challenged in terms of her mental health, because anyone of her disgusting size, is both delusional and has mental issues, that lead to a negative relationship with food, that they spun into a business as a model, despite being too plus sized for plus sized, while remaining a fetish to people into Burlesque and that pin-up shit, despite being a fucking monster…

She posted this as bait for an EMPOWERMENT post, to instigate attention, because in what will be a short life, she wants to make as much noise as possible and love the controversy.

She knows she’s disgusting, and unhealthy…but she’s got all this support because it’s trendy to be body positive and inclusive.

She knows she’s a bad role model and shouldn’t be more than a woman in porn for dudes into morbidly obese women…

She tries to play that she loves herself and her body but she’s just too lazy to do anything about it, which means she doesn’t love it, she’s killing herself…she just loves attention…because fat girls can be narcissists with confidence….loud and in your face too….

Seeing her belly hanging out nude for some shoot she did, that she posted, is offensive to me, and anyone else who didn’t consent to seeing this content.

Keep it in your damn elastic band pants….

Here’s her cry me a river statement…that she probably wrote eating lots of baked goods as she does.

This is one thing wrong with America….fat chicks being used but not as sex workers or cashiers at Walmart, or Trailer Park chain smokers on Disability….


This month tested my mental health, but here I am, still standing, still grateful, still happy, still a fat covergirl… but I’m also fucking exhausted. I know this photo will piss people off, it will be shared worldwide while being mocked & judged, saying how I’m “negatively affecting” impressionable young minds, & I’m prepared for that. My body has always felt like a war zone, but I’ve made peace with that. It’s your minds that need to change.

This is a photo that wasn’t used from my @selfmagazine cover shoot a couple months ago

The sick thing in all this is that I know you’d love to make her eat your dick covered in icing sugar…and that’s what’s wrong with the readership of this site.

I’m talking to you.

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Tess Holdiay is a Fat Chick Health Risk From Going Mainstream of the Day

Piers Morgan, Trump’s good friend and Celebrity Apprentice, tabloid executive turned Larry King, turned sent back to the UK..posted up a picture of a very fat, like exremely fat Tess Holiday, a plus sized monster I try to NEVER post about because she’s got zero appealing about her, unless you’re into burlesque or nerdy sci/fi fantasy shit and you’ve always wanted to fuck a dragon, a reference I am making because the weird skinny nerd dudes who LARP are always the dudes with girlfriends this size….and her vintage tattoos scream that Betty Paige shit, thinking that she was chubby so this is just modern chubby, while anyone with a brain or eyes sees that it’s fucking dangerous…this is SO fucking unhealthy fat…to celebrate her in anyway is a fucking health risk in and of itself…there is no way this girl is not going to die premature and doesn’t already have disease…it’s sick.

But instead of defending health…Cosmo follows the trend of body positivity and posts her on the cover for all their fat readers…trying to break ground and break social norms and be inclusive cuz it’s relevant…

When it’s so fucking negative….but everyone is too scared to say “yo fatty shut the fuck up and work the fuck out and come back when you’re not fucking half dead”…..

Sure she’s a weird fetish, keep her as that, feeder fucks…don’t give her mainstream coverage..

That said, Piers Morgan stood up to the media loving the fat chicks and said:


“As Britain battles an ever-worsening obesity crisis, this is the new cover of Cosmo.
Apparently we’re supposed to view it as a ‘huge step forward for body positivity.’ What a load of old baloney.
This cover is just as dangerous & misguided as celebrating size zero models.”

To which I siad…

A load of baloney this monster will likely eat all of…and still want more…

Cuz I am funny..SEE …..

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Fat Tess Holiday Wants You To Know She’s Really Fucking Fat of the Day

Tess Holiday is very fat and naked

This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen all day and I had to repost it because it’s just that offensive….

Tess Holiday a really fat chick who pretends to be some kind of model, even though she’s not a model, but more of a fat chick who does burlesque because she’s not a model, but who I guess has a cult following, has gone viral…even though she’s got the body of someone who fucks with chronic illness over viral things…

She’s not cute, or hot, or attractive…but I guess an activist for obesity…

Her husband, who obviously has some own issues of his own to marry a chick like this, wrote something like Women deserve respect, whether they are completely naked or covered head to toe…..

My response to that is NO THEY DO NOT…

The advent of humans inventing clothing, meant that I didn’t have to be forced to look at the ass a woman too fat to wipe her own ass, but rather who found an insecure bitch of a man to wipe her ass for her…is NOT something that needs to be respected.

It’s fucking rude, it’s like rape to my brain and eyes and life….I didn’t ask to see this, I didn’t sign a consent form…

This is just the embodiment and encouragement of unhealthy, as bad as the anorexia fetishist……the feeder fetishists are right behind them.

The body IS not suppsed to look like this, sure it CAN look like this with ABUSE TO IT…BUT IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO…and illness, chronic pain and all bad things come with this framework.

Stop celebrating fat people, stop trying to make me like fat people, and stop getting naked fat people, you didn’t work for that body, you neglected your body and thus shouldn’t be celebrated like a work of art..when it’s a pile of fucking shit…

I guess what I’m saying is tuck your titties in your boxers fat ass.

ANYONE who says this looks good, is lying…unless they themselves have mental issues, or are cattle farmers.

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Tess Holiday VS Uber of the Day

This is a hilarious altercation – with a fat uber driver worried about the health of his client, because he was clearly trying to relate to her because he has probably been told to lose weight – and sees he’s the size of her arm – so how could something fit in a car, exist and will his suspension handle it – he can’t afford the repair making the ride in UBER BLACK not pay for itself, a ride she pays extra for so she fits in the damn car and doesn’t get stuck trying to get into a Corrolla or some shit that isn’t as XL as her.

SHE Is a Monster…

“my Chloesterol is fine, i’m perfect” – is the biggest lolz to me, because she’s a fucking monster. She’s so fat…yet she claims she’s healthy. Does she actually believe that she’s healthy or that she’s perfect, there is no way this is healthy, there is no way she’s not going to die prematurely, there is no way that she likes being this fat….

Sure, she can claim to have a “fat wallet” to go with her fat everything else….which is a subjective statement, because if fat chick brands throw fat chick money at fat chicks, who would otherwise live in an artist loft, walls wouldn’t get in the way of her sheer and utter size….working at a coffee shop – angry and edgy for 10 dollars an hour….

How can she think she’s perfect? Cuz a fat chick store gives her a catalog contract,
and other fat chicks tell her she’s amazing, because they all want to believe it’s OK to be this massive, your bones, your heart, your life suffers because of it – even if it’s made you matter like a freak show freak…it’s disgusting.

Everyone knows fat is bad, it isn’t beautiful, and this one is on another level of fat…so I don’t know why or how she can lie to her people, and be such a negative enabler, like keep on eating, it’s ok….when clearly…science proves otherwise..

Yes, fat chicks everywhere, listen to this fat chick, cuz you’re fat, tired and lazy, and it’s easier to remain fat and think it’s ok, even though you’re going to die because of it.

She’s a fucking drug dealer, basically, and needs to be taken out back and shot…or better yet, give a gastric bipass surgery so that she gets skinny, leaving her with nothing to talk about.

The fascinating thing in this burlesque, weird group, is that she’s had a fucking kid…a dude actually knocked her up..you this shit happen at walmart checkout counters…where you ask “How does she have a kid”…but it always and will always blow me away….disgusting….

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Top Model Tess Holiday’s Nude Pregnant Pic of the Day


If it’s safe for instagram, then it’s safe for work, because even though intagram knows this is safe for no where, they can’t delete a Tess Holiday pictures, especially not a pregnant nude – she’ll do like other fat girls…and no, not eat her feelings in the corner trying to die like any self respecting fat girl…but rather, she’s the kind of fat girl who is outspoken on FAT rights, on Fat is Beautiful, on Fat is healthy…and she will show every nude pregnant pic of every other model, who is an actual model, not an activist who would rather make too much fucking noise about her nonsense….than cut down calories…because feeders fucking love her and her obesity…that no one can every claim is beautiful…not even the opportunist who fucks her because she’s famous, or he’s gay, and she’s awesome…

No one but fat girls like fat girls and even fat girls don’t like fat girls they don’t even like themselves, but fatter girls make them feel better about their fat self and TESS Holiday is fat real fat…I mean the kind of fat you can’t even tell is pregnant because she’s always been this fat..

Either way…keep posting the nudes to your instagram…egotistical cunt who doesn’t shut the fuck up and is combative on her platform because she thinks she’s famous because she has 1.2 million instagram followers, one for every donut she’s eaten in 2016 so far.


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