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Bella Thorne’s IG Bikini Wax Story of the Day

I am a bush supporter, I am a “SavetheBush”, Don’t Shave the Bush kind of pervert. I just think Bush is natural and thus sexy, and an amazing accessory on all pussy…I don’t care if it is trimmed or not, the bigger the better..and that I firmly believe the waxing pussy is a girl on girl crime, that is blamed on men, since men will fuck anything…even inanimate objects and will never let pubic hair get in the way..

You see they say it is what men want, because it is what dirty porn sluts did to optimize their penetration shots…

They say it’s some oppressive man bullshit, yet all Salons are woman owned that I know of…

They say that it is men trying to sexualize and control women…when it’s all woman media who teach them this shit..

They say down with the patriarchy by protesting the patriarchy – by growing out their bush, a natural and lazy thing….but they are the ones judging each other for having pussy hair stick out of bikini bottoms….

Pussy hair sticking out of anywhere is a fucking fetish, it’s hot..men don’t hate that…maybe gay men…but none that I know..it’s hot..

Not to mention, Bella is a redhead, her pussy hair blonde and fair…to do this to herself…is fucking abusive..

But also a fetish to some…so watch her getting a bikini wax, it’s something I used to try to google years ago and it couldn’t be found…well thanks to shameless sluts letting you into their life…it’s on IG story..and it’s good..even if it’s sad to see her murdering her bush…for a man who loves bush….I shed a tear over this…it’s a horror movie to me….really

At least she wasn’t shitting in the video…

In other Bella Thorne news….she ate a banana, which is funny enough, another fetish of mine, because I am a basic man and see a phallus in a mouth and visualize dick sucking, that’s why I encourage girls to eat bananas in public or on snapchat for me, with either their mouth or pussy – cuz it’s hot..and they know exactly what they are doing…

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  • LolleyGagger

    what no shot of the bloody aftermath… what a tease nothing like a waxed strawberry shortcunt.

  • Brie Mode

    What the fuck did I just stumble onto?

  • victorg

    i dont WANT publicity….she NEVER said!

  • My lady would never allow anyone to tape a session. It’s too private and she’s too professional. This is the thirstiest behaviour ever!

  • Who is she?