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Bella Hadid Busted Face, Bikini and Underboob Shirt of the DAy

Bella Hadid is uglier than Em Rat Cow….but they look like they are from the same species of BIRD…

Her ass is non existent, and not in a good model way, but in a bitch, do some squats, you’re not skinny enough, or old enough to have some deflated mom ass hanging down to your mid thigh…

Did she dance her ass off, did The Weeknd Fuck her Ass off…so many questions…irrelevant questions sure…but she’s a puppet to brands for god knows what reason…there’s not much substance to her….as her ASS would suggest….

It’s like sad balloon in the corner of the 3 year old kids birthday party forgotten and left to deflate because the birthday boy had a peanut allergy, and died because of traces of peanut in the cake, leaving his mother unable to enter the dining room to take down the decorations of that fateful day…she just can’t bring herself to do it….not even a year after the tragedy….but the ass version

This is a top model…what…..a fucking lie…

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  • Karlo

    Slaying those metaphors, man. Well done.

  • Mushy Waffle

    Very well stated.. completely agree

  • gphillimo

    No ass

  • bello

  • a shame he ruined it by pulling out