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Kylie Jenner is a Garbage Muppet Freak of Nature of the Day

Like her father before her, and her half sister who I think is her mom before her, Kylie Jenner is a mangled human…..

I guess it’s in part with the family brand, that is so important to them, it makes them so much money, and it encourages body modification in the form of injections and implants and fat being sucked out of them…coupled with lots of thick make-up, the kind you’d see on a burn victim to make them look normal, medical grade shit….all designed to have a look and feel that people buy into and sell project…

What it has become is a movement, like tattoos once were, or laser hair removal, where people save up their 600 dollars or less and jack up their face….all while promoting body positivity, no slut shaming, anti-bullying lies…I mean Kylie herself is something more than the fertilized lizard egg that fell out of KIMS asshole after some black fucked fucked it and fertilized it…she also pretends to be a good influence to kids, by doing anti-bully campaigns, while looking like this and saying – “it’s normal that at 20, you should look like a 40 year old stripper with body dysmorphia and a mangled face from all the loads she’s taken at truck stops”…

I find the whole thing disgusting, vapid, materialistic, gross…and I don’t find Kylie attractive, interesting, or doing anything good for society – but selling product to kids…that don’t need said product….

I think she’s a fucking terrorist and should be taken care of….by more than just the rappers who date her cuz they like white girls with stupid fat asses who were trained to fuck at a young age at family dinner…assuming she even sees her family for anything but filming the show…

This is a fucked up world we are in, and these Kardashians are proof of that.

I wonder how many hours of Photoshop went into these disgusting chubby weird looking troll thing…garbage…fucking garbage….it’s aliving and breathing instagram / Snapchat filter…

She’s a monster – KILL IT…..It’s Alive…KILL IT….It’s a horror movie character coming after your children….KILL IT….or look at its weird ass

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Which one is kylie, is she the one with big tits or the one that has not its?

  • Me

    Lets remember what she really looks like underneath the fillers and plastic surgery.


  • Me
  • wangson

    Fucking beautifully written! The most perfect summation of my thoughts regarding this bizarre-looking hooker-atrocity.

  • xyz

    Shes been pimped off by her “mother” Kris since she was 15. Many Hollyweirdos, both male and female, had sex with her, no wonder she ended up this way and shes not even 20. Stop blaming her!

  • Mjech

    She looks different in the face and body in every pic. Like every pic shows a different “woman”. Were they taken in between surgeries?

  • RyanSeacrestShouldBeLynched!

    Also let’s not forget how dead behind the eyes she seems, I think she is a pathetic, plastic and fake nobody but I do feel sorry for her.

  • RyanSeacrestShouldBeLynched!

    Depends on what filter she uses.

  • victorg

    THOSE ASSES!! (i mean the body part as well as THEM). WHEN did this become attractive?? it use to be if a woman asked you if her ass looked big…you had BETTER have said NO!



    Did you see the tribute post I did for you a while ago?

  • I love you
    Did you see the tribute post I did for you?



  • Jke B

    All these ridiculous modifications just so some talent-less black guys will find her attractive.

  • bello