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Bella Hadid Panty Flash of the Day

Bella Hadid is a rich kid who gets a lot of work from brands, who would do it for free if the brands were smart enough to not pay these idiots, but they don’t realize that if you all pay these idiots, they price themselves at a certain level, when all they really wanted was to be considered a model, they don’t need the money, so paying them is just dumb….

So now she’s an official model, despite looking like a plastic surgery ridden cam girl…not that I have anything against cam girls…but you get what I’m saying….she’s been created on all levels…and people like her because she’s got big tits….

I appreciate that she’s flashing her panties on the red carpet at Cannes, where one of her important friends invited her to whore out on the red carpet, to get attention to whatever this is..

I would just be happier if she was a little edgier in her putting herself out there, because she’s not a demure, elegant, classy girl…this is a ratchet little troll who is trolling you all…

But I still appreciate the panty flash..because I am a simple old pervert.. like her dad…who she was with and who filmed this pic of her posing like a fool…how does someone behave like this in public…HILAROUS..

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