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Bella Hadid’s Topless Model Shoot of the Day

Here is ethnic ambiguous because of all the plastic surgery, and being raised a vapid white cunt from LA, Bella Hadid…a great use of science, breeding, and money…who I don’t really hate as much as I lead on…I just think she’s overrated…but then again, whether she’s the topless bitch or someone else is the topless bitch..it’s all the fucking same…she looks good, I’d steal her underwear to smell where she’s been…but I’d rather she mail it to me in a ziplock or Tupperwear as part of an edgy Ziplock or Tupperwear ad campaign, because this bitch monetizes everything she does..from shitting…to shitting on rich men….it’s all for financial gain…and the sad thing is she didn’t even need the fucking money.

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