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Vanessa Hudgens and Friends in Bikinis of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens has been working out, and has always been an exhibitionist, I mean one of the first with nude pics leaked, she knows how to whore herself out for attention or whatever it is that she does…now more than ever because she’s finally got fit and her body looks good – so there’s more reason to get this kind of content out there, plus it’s how they stay competitive in a world of naked bitches everywhere….so bring it..

I just find it sad, not because it is desperate, but because she’s not showing off her massive bush, that I know she’s capable of.

I am a bush lover and when I know a girl has had bush, but doesn’t show off said bush anymore, because she probably waxed it off out of insecurity from being mocked by the BUSH haters….

It makes me sad, but then again, maybe I am just sad due to deeper rooted issues…yeah probably.

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