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Mena Suvari Bikini Tool of the Day

Alien invasion Mena Suvari forehead that is hardly as offensive as it once was now that she’s older and less relevant, but that was totally offensive back when she was first starting out as an actress because she got cast in movie after movie despite looking like an alien invasion, possibly because she is an Alien Invasion and the aliens actually run the country and the media, not the jewish people and fake news….but the aliens..and I guess I’ll never quite know if she’s an alien or not as I won’t have the opportunity to see if she oozes green slime from her pussy – which I guess in Hollywood could just be a bacterial infection rather than proof of extraterrestrial life..

I guess what i am saying is that old Mena Suvari is less interesting than young Mena Suvari who had a fat booty in an era where not everyone had a fat booty…where’s the booty yo…

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