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Nina Agdal in a Magazine of the Day

Nina Agdal Shows her Asshole or Ass Crack

Nina Agdal is a non model who no one actually cares about but people think she’s important enough to talk about because she was in some A-List shit or maybe it was the A-List shit that was in her….back when she thought she had a chance getting knocked up by LEO…but I am sure he’s more into pegging and got rid of her when he realized that her broad shoulders and sheer size of not just her forehead but all of her…didn’t come with a dick….you know Romance..

Other than Leo, she’s been in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit….every year for a long time since she’s old and tired…and I guess she got some work..and she is still going probably hoping to get another chance with a rich guy to know her up – as that is what they are all about…these “bikini” models…this is the last HURRAH….

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  • ImOpining

    If you have to get naked for any attention it means you have zero talent.