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Big Old Adriana Lima Probably Pregnant of the Day

Adriana Lima, like all models, is pretty fucking big, only unlike all models, she’s old and a mom and clearly filled out from her younger model days, because that’s what happens when women expire…

She’s still Adriana Lima, and her man probably gets high fives in the country club for scoring the model so many people have jerked off to, because she’s a good Catholic woman who whores herself as masturbation fodder in catalogs when not having babies out of wedlock, or getting divorces once in wedlock..

Point being, she’s probably pregnant again, based on how that New Kid on the Block looking motherfucker is grabbing at her stomach, he’s clearly saying “MY BABY inside my BABY”…or some “I said suck in your damn stomach the paparazzi are here and I don’t want everyone seeing I’m with expired bootleg Adriana Lima, look your best dammit, thats what I am paying your fucking Brazilian ass for, didn’t they teach you anything about escorting over at LIMITED BRANDS, the owner of Victoria’s Secret, Jesus Christ, yes JESUS like your savior you piss on everyday being the slut you are, put down that piece of cake”….

She’s still Adriana Lima..or a version of Adriana Lima…and it is in a bikini…


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  • No

    You’re a blind delusional twat.

  • Trey Klam

    What the fuck is wrong with you, she looks amazing? Look at those fucking abs in pic 2 and 5, are you blind or just a bitter fucktard? I’m not just saying she looks good for her age or for being a mom and mostly retired model, she still looks amazing by any standard. Get a life, you sound fucking pathetic.