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ALba Thick Ass Mom to Be in a Bikini of the Day

Jessica Alba is pregnant, but not overly pregnant yet, you know the right amount of pregnant where her body just thickens up in a weird fat ass way, and where you can’t knock her up no matter how much you cum in her, which in and of itself is a highlight…if you’re into getting her well documented herpes…and if you’re into a girl well past her prime, but still pretty good, because she’s a vapid LA person and that’s all part of what they are about, I mean she was a celeb before the face of a billion dollar brand…manipulating us all…but that round ass..it’s good to look at, so juicy and delicious…that even if you hate Alba and all she represents..like you were her husband demanding a paternity test cuz you can’t trust bitches these days….

I don’t know where I’m going with this…other than JUICY…and worth thinking about sticking your fingers up inside…..you know to help massage her pregnancy from the inside out…

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