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Hailey Baldwin in a Bikini of the Day

I read that this is for Vogue, but I am having a hard time believing that based on Hailey Baldwin being some lowest of the low level model who only models because her dad is a Baldwin…and sure she’s think but so basic and boring..whether Beiber fucked her when she was underage or the Kardashians cart her around or not..she is bootleg….

Also, Vogue doesn’t really take “butt shots” like they are an instagram shout out page featuring slutty girls, but the whole world is scrambling and upside down so maybe they are doing instagram photoshoots too…everyone else is..and there is no real brand loyalty, or quality anymore, at least not based on the garbage people getting paid…it’s all so crazy

But I can handle young girls in bikinis in photos…I get the appeal…it is really the only think I like in the world…and I don’t even really like it…it makes me mad…but I keep staring..even if she’s the bottom wrung on a ladder of rich trashy girls I hate…

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