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Tinashe in a Magazine No One Should Really Care About of the Day

Tinashe is some mooch bitch trying to make it, who has been in the LA music scene for at least 7 years, yet who you only know about because she dated Chris Brown, despite his history beating women, it’s a small price to pay for the career advancements, sympathy of the masses and who knows, maybe it will workout the way it did for Rihanna, you know follow the leader situation when you’re a popstar or attempting to be a popstar…

I have only heard about her in the gossip magazines for whining about an abusive boyfriend being abusive…it’s an angle, that I guess works because now she’s out there doing instagram photoshoots like every singe woman with an internet connection…and she’s lookin’ alright…for a mooch bitch but in her defense, who isn’t a mooch bitch when they are out there trying to be famous…it’s a struggle..

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