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Kate Upton Pretends to be in Shape in Shape of the Day

Kate Upton is in SHAPE Magazine, but not necessarily in SHAPE, even though she’s been working out like a crazy person with an Athlete person to try to be as fit looking as possible, because when you have tits like that, you’re predisposed to be a fat chick, and it’s a constant battle to maintain the tits that are also the only thing people care about and a figure that’s still decent to look at and not broad, boxy, thick, or sloppy…something she hasn’t managed too well in the past, despite being a Swimsuit model, but that I guess is trying to polarize because if you’re in SHAPE magazine, you’re programming people to assume that means you’re in SHAPE…but it doesn’t…

She does look better than she has in the past, so it’s nice to see a girl keep up the tits…so athletic..you can tell cuz there’s a basketball in the pic.

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