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Bella Thorne Tight Fit Young Body of the Day

Bella Thorne Shows Off Fit Young SLut Body

Bella Thorne has a tight body…that’s all I have to say about that..

I mean it’s on rotation everyday – there’s not much more I have to say about that…

She’s got the hard job of trying to find clever new ways to pose and be interesting looking in her slutty shameless pics…Because of half nude is not just a half nude, you need to make sure it doesn’t look desperate or contrived, too slutty, or low grade, you need it to be natural, organic, just her outfit, authentic, because ultimately, she wants to get that work, to keep her credible, even if we all know she’s just a hot young redheaded body….

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  • ck

    Oh god that face tho 🙁

  • LisaSimpson

    yeah her face is really ‘methed’ up.
    2 years ago it was perfect, another claimed by the dust.
    Oh well NEXT!!!

  • Gildorg

    I would happily push her face into the pillow while I banged her in that perfect ass.

  • LiaSimpson

    yeah she does have a butterface or bagger,
    Perfect ass? wait til you see that pimple filled hairy asshole, Mmm mmm! Wipe it!
    If she treats the rest of body like her face its going to b rancid 4 sure.