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Kendall Jenner for La Perla of the Day

Kendall Jenner is the face or body that isn’t quite a body of lingerie brand La Perla – which is convenient because La Perla is owned by her modeling agency – who make a lot of money off of her…scamming the world into thinking she’s relevant, or hot, or important, and more than just a social media girl with a following who can push product like an AVON lady….

I don’t know what this farce of her modeling has gone on this long, this far, but I guess brand are scrambling dealing with social media personalities, but they should have just given her a sales code and let her be a seller for them…in their network marketing schemes because seeing her do all this “legit” which clearly isn’t legit work…is offensive..she’s not hot…she’s not interesting…she’s just a rich kid part of her family’s marketing company SCAMMING..

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