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Liz Hurley Topless on Instagram of the Day

I once said that Liz Hurley has been a wallet fucking opportunist since before she had a career, which is partially why she has a career.

She stuck with homosexual Hugh Grant for a decade of his career, as he became a heart throb in America and she took down numbers of all the people he met along the way…so that when the right time hit…she could escort them…get them to invest in her bikini line…and even act in movies on her own…proving acting is pretty easy…before Hugh was caught with a Tranny and her Uterus was filled with rich guy sperm…

I meant it…

These are some pics from her social media that are slutty enough – considering…she’s old as fuck….

Here’s a video

TO SEE SOME Liz Hurley Flashback Nudes CLICK HERE

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