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Elsa Hosk Nude for Sunglasses of the Day

Elsa Hosk naked and bent over for sunglasses ad

Elsa Hosk is the new Candice Swanepoel, or the temp when Candice was making babies and the brand was unsure she would bounce back, but bounce back she did, making Elsa obsolete, not useful, probably still with the Victoria’s Secret panty line – but second string where she belongs, seeing as she launched her career as a titty model….and I guess has gone back to being a titty model, this time for sunglass company, because naked bitches help sell sunglasses I guess…what do I know..

While Elsa was doing that, her boss, the person she shadows or body doubles for, her lead singer to her back up dancing…Candice Swanepoel Tries to be Youthful at Burning Man with Josephine Skriver at burning man, where they slutted out with rich people trying to be down to earth…and where they didn’t run into the burning man and died…but probably should of….

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