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Sarah Hyland Bikini Party of the Day

Sarah Hyland beach party with girlfriend in a bikini

Sarah Hyland is in a bikini because she’s made for TV, child starring and thus broken bullshit….who is normally weird looking, but far less weird looking when she’s showing off her body.

I guess the execs at Modern Family told her and Ariel Winter to step up the slut to compete with the instagram stars stealing all the viewers…and it’s almost working, you know because they are famous, more famous, with marketing behind them, and big budgets, so their bikini pics are by default more important than the sluts we see on social…but their bikini pics are by no means hotter…if anything they just make me wonder why they get paid so much when so many hotter bitches will do it for free…I guess they are just in the right circles, the right table, scamming proper…who cares..

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