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Whitney Cummings in a Bikini of the Day

Whitney Cummings in a striped bikini on a boat

Whitney Cummings sucked a lot of dick in her quest to be a star actress – that ended up in Comedy becuase she was shameless, funny, silly, opinionated, a cunt, a dirt bag, who knows…she like other female Comedians who don’t look like dudes, but who have a bit of sex appeal are all on that “came to LA to make it, did stand up cuz comedians are lame as fuck and being a hot chick with lame as fuck dudes who think they are funny so much that they practice telling jokes to a mirror when not standing in front of a room of losers who think comedy is worth watching…is an easy sell”….a sell that made her a fuck ton of money as a producer…allowing her golden years of sex appeal, pre menopause to be spend getting sloppy on a boat in a bikini….good times…great times…TIMES…

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