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Liz Hurley Doesn’t Stop the Bikini of the Day

Liz Hurley is a pretty thisty attention seeking older lady – who like Pam Anderson probably really puts a lot of importance on her looks and doesn’t like to be reminded of how old and haggard she is – by being exposed to younger prettier girls – unless those girls can be sacrificed and their virgin (as if anyone is a virgin) blood drank in efforts to find a new aging remedy….you know this botox face injection shit can only go so far…eventually it will require some artist or 3D Animator used to making claymation to build them out….

Sugar babies of the 90s, turned people of their own, moms and money grubbing, bikini empires, and now bikini selfies…for social media because the body is there, hell she’d die before being fat sloppy pig…it just won’t happen..Liz Hurley won’t let it….

More women should be this vapid, vain and disciplined.

Liz Hurley in a frilly pink bikini

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