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January Jones Nipple for Social Media of the Day

January Jones sheer black top with nipple

January Jones posted up a pic of her nipple on social media – it’s in a sheer sweater and that’s the style, so free the nipple, protest the oppression against nipples your own way, and benefit from the press putting your nipple on the internet gets..

It’s a know your worth, this bitch is nothing but a whore who was packaged as an actress and landed an acting job, so showing nipples is just part of her strategy, even at 39, she knows the tits are what people care about and I guess finding out who the baby daddy executive who was probably married was who knocked her up….I mean not that I care about that, I know LA sugar babies and their need to get pregnant before 40 when they are still hot enough in their mind and clearly January thinks she’s still hot enough – putting them titties up on her social media…

Weird times….but good thing tits are the only reason I know or care…because I hate the celebs, but I don’t mind their tits.

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