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Topless and Disgusting Lady Gaga of the Day

Lady Gaga nude for Netflix

Lady Gaga is a fucking scam. An ugly, weird looking, over-hyped fake artist hack who has managed to pull off a real fucking lie that people bought into – because people are stupid and you can tell them what you want them to believe and they will believe it..leading to record deals, marketing budgets and brainwashing…

She’s topless in some video and I can’t imagine anyone cares to see it, but I would feel like more of a failure than I already am, if that’s possible, if I didn’t post them.

I know, what’s worse, the disgusting popstar who should have never been getting topless on some video, or the motherfucker posting those pics like they matter..because the world think they matter…and the answer is simple..

I don’t like celebrities, I hate celebrities, they are garbage, but I don’t make them celebrities, that’s all you fuckers….but I don’t mind their tits, because if you have to be raped by their music, you might as well stare at their tits…right….it’s better than not looking at their tits…even though the world has actual tits I want to look at…but there’s something nice in hating everything about these tits at their core while starting at them…

This bitch is vile.

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