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Lady Gaga’s Sex Scene in AMerican Horror Story of the Day


No this isn’t an episode of GIRLS and that fat, cellulite ridden ass, isn’t Lena Dunham being an attention seeking, exhibitionist, who pretends to love herself…but rather Lady Gaga….

Either way, Lady Gaga had her big acting debut, at least that’s what they’ll tell you… even though anyone with a brain will know her whole career is based on an act, it’s all a lie…and I think she even went to acting school…but needed to become a huge popstar, female drag queen, with a cause to talk to the retard audience and convince them to buy her bullshit…because they are retards looking for purpose but forced to be exposed to this…

I don’t watch TV, or Netflix, or whatever this is on…it doesn’t excite me to commit myself to these idiots when I would rather make my own horror story of a life…filled with fake tits…and orgies….without faces like Gaga’s….so I can’t tell you whether it was a great performance, but I assume her team is already working on her aggressively to get that EMMY….

I do watch tits though, even in pasties…and I do watch asses, even in thongs…and I do know that this sex looks dull, uninspired and all it does is remind me of the time I was a sexual predator and grabbed Gaga’s ass in fishnets when she was at a club next to me…surrounded by security…she didn’t notice so I kept going…and it was surprisingly firmer than it looks…but I wasn’t hard when doing it..which would be my litmus test, except for the fact that I get hard for very little…but I shoulda got hard for that…

Like I said…my own horror story…and it doesn’t involve this garbage…but should involve eliminating them…

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Lady Gag is Bloody and Topless of the Day


My favorite part of this Lady Gag picture is not the blood that reminds me of a fantasy I once had of a crazed fan slicing her the fuck up because she’s a fucking phony….piece of shit who wastes all of our time with her ridiculous antics, her bullshit performance “art’ that is really just money making scam…..and not art…

Sure, she’s talented in making marketable songs, and that is why the record label agreed to fund her…but marketable songs…doesn’t mean bitch has any level of authenticity..it just means she’s a pop tart trying to be as accessible as possible because she needs to be liked, it’s some deep rooted need, because she’s disgusting looking…

My favorite par tof this Lady Gaga picture is her fat squeezing through her fishnets…

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People Care About Lady Gaga’s New Video of the Day

Who gives a fuck about Lady Gaga….

Apparently everyone in my feed, who have been writing shit like “Powerful”…and “Bravo Lady Gaga”….and “A voice to be heard”…and all this other bullshit…Shut the fuck up…

It’s just a fucking music video, about campus rape..and other forms of sexual assault, because she knows we’re in a rap culture, rape culture, and porn culture, of rough sex and sober dudes being predators on idiot girls….

But Gaga knows how to make social commentary people relate to….and talk about, when she’s not walking around with mean dresses….

The whole thing is so fucking cheesy to me…and anyone who feels anything watching this…are just empty people, looking for stimulation…or purpose or something…or I guess rape victims…or friends of rape victims…

I don’t know why this is an “It” conversation now….people have been drugging people, or getting girls drunk for years to get sex…but now it’s rape…because I guess it is rape…so why not let Lady Gaga speak to that..since she’s been raping since her career started…with her music…in my ears…

What I am saying is rape is bad, but Lady Gaga is worse….and unfortunately…she’s back.

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Lady Gaga in a Bra of the Day

gaga (29)

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.55.23 PM

Attention seeking Lady Gaga…who no one cares about because she’s old news and her attention seeking wasn’t really authentic or controversial in a good way..it was just try hard and lame…but she still wears bras out in public..even though no one cares…because I guess that’s how she likes to express herself as a talented artist..who lost out to Miley, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift in the pop game, but has still cashed the fuck in, is set for life, and unlike some of the other options, actually has some musical talent, because otherwise a face like that, even when used to market to gay people who are into ugly girls, since they don’t have any interest fucking them, and can see their souls, would have been left in the mail room answering fan mail for an actually pop star…

I guess there’s a whole new generation taking her place…but she’s still in a bra…in public…and despite not thinking that matters…I am compelled to post it…

I would prefer if this was her fucking a dead squirrel on a park bench with kids around in some kind of melt down..

But I guess I never get what I want out of these celebrity idiots….

Here’s her ass in a bikini from instagram…because I do my journalistic research

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.55.30 PM


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Lady Gaga in Lingerie for Bruce Weber and CR Fashion Book of the Day


I would argue that Lady Gaga isn’t relevant anymore…and is proof that over-exposure and being weird for the sake of weird, not because you’re authentically weird, because boring or obvious as a cry for attention, like the annoying loud kid in your high school class, you likely hated….

I would also argue that anything she does, doesn’t matter, even if she produces some legendary, deep, life changing music, because I mean with a face like that, it’s pretty obvious the record label saw extreme talent, otherwise they would have kept her in the office, instead of on stage….but like every ugly girl, she took that talent, and distracted us from it, with her annoying..

But she’s still Lady Gaga and every famewhore, groupie piece of shit, would get excited if she noticed them, because you haters are bitches, who wish you were part of the inner celebrity circle..

So she’s got too big of an audience to really disappear…and here she is in “lingerie”…..for a fashion magazine, shot by Bruce Weber, who is great, but these pics are dull…as the ugly girl tries to use her tits to stay relevant…

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Lady Gaga’s Ridiculousness Continues of the Day


Lady Gaga is the type of ugly loser, who before being an ugly loser was trendy and cool, was hated by her peers and bullied….or more likely was the conformist girl in the shadow of the other girls at her private school but still included in their fun….before deciding she wanted to be the star of the fucking show…because she didn’t realize she was ugly from all the affirmations her mother gave her…leading to a career and fame I assume she craved…leaving her scrambling with celebrity…before being destroyed by celebrity….because eventually her act got boring and silly, and I’m all for silly…when it doesn’t come with millions of dollars and seems like more of cry for attention than an actual attempt to do good…..I mean isn’t the same Lady Gaga who robbed her own charity that she was using as a tax shelter….

She’s a horrible fucking person to look at, listen to…and clearly in personality, morals and values…so I don’t know why I am looking at her nipple..but I am…and I’m sure her Fiance doesn’t care, he’s the tall guy next to her, a male actor who clearly has no ulterior motives in dating a massive popstar…none at all..

She also wore a mesh dress…


More pics of the mesh dress HERE

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Lady Gaga Pilates of the Day


One of the last things I want to see is Lady Gaga doing Yoga…or stretching in a leotard…

It’s not that it is offensive, or disgusting, I mean if it was, I would be more inclined to want to look at these pics…

You know if this was an obese woman shitting herself in a leotard while stretching, or an anorexic girl in a leotard stretching, or really any popstar, athlete, actess…other than Lady Gaga..

But I guess, this is in line with my existence, and seeing as I never get what I want, perfectly expected..

Gaga is boring, done, and yet…I am still posting this nonsense…I blame half assed editorial…and laziness…for everything happening here..Even though she’s in sex positions…I never want to experience unless it is for K-Fed reasons…

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Lady Gaga in a Bra in a Car of the Day


Lady Gaga may be a useless person with shitty music, but she proves a few things…

The first is that with the right clown costume and lie, even ugly girls can be marketed…

The second is that if you write your music a certain way, you can brainwash the public into loving your music…like some Josie and the Pussycat shit, that you know actually exists…because why else would I know every Lady Gaga lyric, without ever…and I mean EVER actively listening to her songs….

When I think about it, it freaks me out, because I’m not a pussy who cares what people think pretending that I don’t listen to her song because I think I’ll come across more hardcore and anti-corporate..too cool for the mainstream..

But I legitimately have NEVER liked her music, and never YOUTUBED her song, not even to be ironic..

Yet…I know her lyrics…I don’t even listen to the radio…so this brainwashing runs deep..because I can’t even place how I’ve been exposed to it…

She’s also proved, which I think is her most important legacy, that if you get naked for attention…pretending it is art…people will stop caring…

Like heroin, the first nipple slip, pussy slip, nude shoot…is the best…the rest kinda blend into each other…and in Lady Gaga’s case eventually stop mattering…

Which is a good thing, since she’s the worst..



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Lady Gaga’s Piano Erotica of the DAy

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.35.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.35.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.36.01 PM

What does the world need less of?

Not carbon footprint, waste, global warming, use of oil….racism, confederate flags, tansfats and corn syrup leading to obesity….STDs…

Not big business controlling our consumption, conspiracy theories, or the government controlling us by keeping us broke, sick and tired…we don’t need less feminsts, trans olympians…or Kardashians and tabloid fodder as a whole…

The world is a horrible meaningless place filled with shit, shitty people, and a horrible infrastructure….but all that’s fine…

As far as I’m concerned, what the world needs less of is Lady Gaga Spread eagled on social media…that is what the world needs less of, so I’ll just draw more attention to it…

Here’s her tit getting pizza the other day..no one cares…


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Lady Gaga is the Easter Bunny of the Day


Easter’s come early this year…and it looks like it smells like shit….

Lady Gaga is a modern day circus freak, who has played up being a circus freak, because being a circus freak, even for circus freaks, was a good thing for freaks, as it validated their existence, when before being a circus freak, they were just freaks shunned in the corner…

So now the ugly girl who took music classes because no one wanted to be friends with her, has all the friends in the world…but deep down she knows..they just use her for her celebrity…and that her celebrity only exists in part due to her…but isn’t representative of the real her…

She’s a fake, and too bad…she continues to exist…


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Lady Gaga’s Bikini of the Day



I wonder if the most pathetic thing about my existence is that I peaked in 2008 when I fondled Lady Gaga’s fishnet wearing ass…right before she became super fucking famous…despite being ugly, lame, and a lie…without her knowledge or consent…but randomly like the predator I am….even though I loved every second of it….

But I am pretty sure sure there is far more pathetic about me…including, but not limited, to me posting her bikini pics from facebook….

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Lady Gaga’s Bikini Monster of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.21.42 PM

I guess Lady Gaga is on vacation. It’s a rough life scamming the general public who was at one point in time desperate for a leader who represent progress, even if it was a lie and she wasn’t authentic at all, but rather a flash in the pan that worked for a minute, made her money and that people just sort of moved on from.

I’m sure she’s still got the core fan base, she may even be a talented musician / singer, but she knew her looks alone wouldn’t get her where she needed to go, so she just dancing monkey-ed herself…and it was all distracting…getting naked, showing her ass, anything to avoid that face…

Well, now she’s on vacation, in a skimpy bikini, reminding me that I am all about fat chicks now, the rounder the better, partially because girls are getting fatter and fatter and what was once fat is now below average in size…but also because a juicy fat ass speaks to me on an animalistic level…

But then again, Gaga’s always been thick…before she was famous she did a small show at a club in Canada, and I somehow fondled her ass without her realizing it…from the other side of some bottle service booth she was at…and that juicy was solid…and ever since….pretty much her entire career..I’ve totally been down with her ass that looks sloppy, that is the size of sloppy, but that felt like 18 and fit…even though she wasn’t…

So hate all she represents, call her out for her scam, point out her thick thighs the hip hop world will embrace…but that round ass…even if attached to the worst thing ever…will always be a winner to me…

She’s so disgusting – it’s hot….

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Lady Gaga is the Pig on Miley’s Magazine Cover of the Day

Lady Gaga Out On The Town After Her Performance

Lady Gaga is a chubby little pig that we can assume was in the cover of the Miley Cyrus Paper Magazine cover they tried to break the internet with – even though we’ve all seen Miley’s tits…and pubic hair painted pink…at least in our fantasies…

People tend to forget that Gaga pretty much paved the way for girls like Miley to embrace “weird” and scandal, without having any level of autheticity…

Whether one was a rich kid or a Disney kid…they both had a team of people advising them on “Gay is a good market, do gay, and kids these days on tumblr love having double lives where they get naked and think they are feminists”…virtually the same candy coated bullshit scammer manipulated a generation that doesn’t dig beneath the surface…

All this to say, I’d dig beneath Gaga’s surface and into her anus…thanks to having a rally fun ass that I grabbed before she was famous, pretty much Father’s day in 2009…and I remember…because I was like for such a gross face and seemingly gross body…this ass is firm as fuck…true story…that ends with my peak…and have since thrown in the towel..but to be honest..the towel was already thrown in then…

Here she is being disgusting and crying for attention somewhere.

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Lady Gaga Titty Slip of the Day


This titty slip of recently engaged, despite being a scary looking creature, Lady Gaga, is being circulated on the internet, in what is not a big deal or even interesting…we’ve seen her tits many times before on her cry for attention hustle that has been her career…a career that has made her rich as fuck, and even landed her a man who despite being not into dudes, I can say is out of her league, but understands that he too needs to leverage his career to get to the top and this is a good way to do it…especially since all actors are gay and she looks like a tranny…

All this to say, he made her do the Polar Plunge in Chicago…because his TV show is called Chicago Fire…and seeing her in freezing waters because she was either forced into it, or because it was a good media play is funny….to those of us who don’t care for Gaga, her bullshit yet hugely successful career…and would only care if this video was her drowning…

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Lady Gaga Yoga Pose of the Day


Lady Gaga may be the devil’s work, she may also be pregnant, but whatever she is, she’s taken up Yoga, and is now all zen and working on her flexibility that I guess will come in handy in her bedroom now that she’s suckered some poor bastard into her web of lies by asking her to marry him and I don’t even think it’s a K-Fed situation…making it make even less fucking sense…

But what it comes down to is that her doing yoga in a thong, like some kind of fetish I could almost jerk off to since I can’t tell it is gaga, is far more wholesome, and healthy than all the other exhibitionist cries for attention that she makes, so for that, I approve..if this was her in this pose, covered in pigs blood while eating a dozen donuts, while balancing a motorcycle on her head, as she balances on a Walrus like she was a beach ball, as her nipples spray out pixie dust and her pussy is lit on fire as two midges make smores…I’d be pretty fucking irritated….but when she’s normal…she’s almost something you could jerk off to.

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