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Alexis Ren is Nude in Bed of the Day

Alexis Ren is Nude in Bed

I like that Alexis Ren has figured it all out, and in reality it’s not that hard to figure it out, if you have a banging body and some social media followers you garnered over the last 4 or 5 years of being slutty on social media, getting you to some 11 million follower zone, bigger than most actors, you might as well give the fans the nudes, in an era where nude doesn’t fuck up your career, rather than find a clever way to polarize your slutting to really maximize cashing in..

She’s one step away from running a membership private snapchat where people pay her 30 bucks a month to watch her masturbate..

Why do corporate deals when you can just masturbate to 1,000,000 people paying you 30 dollars each…

Seriously…get it girl..just enough butt crack to not be seen as a whore..

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