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Sara Sampaio Slutty Photoshoot for LUI magazine of the Day

Sara Sampaio Slutty Photoshoot for LUI magazine

I am sure we can all agree that women are slutty and provocative the second they have the opportunity to be slutty and provocative…whether that’s in the form of fucking the bowling team after bowling team practice or the football team in high school…or sending nudes to someone who asks properly..

Sure, not all women are hot, not all women are models, and now a days not all women have pussies, but I’m old school and think that all women, even the ones with PTSD from some traumatic childhood who have dicks but think they are women, have what it takes to get naked and filled…so long as they are made to feel comfortable and not insecure or teased about it.

So here’s model Sara Sampaio of Portugal looking good for LUI…and by good, I mean like at trashy porn chick, but not one, thanks to Victoria’s Secret being her boss.

These are for LUI magaizne, not quite hardcore enough but they still happened..

Where are the actual nudes…get nudes…be nudes…they coming…we hope…cuz they don’t cound if there’s no labia…

Raica Oliveira was also there…

as was Emily Labowe

And Delilah who fucks Purienne…

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