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Kate Upton’s Topless Bikini Shoot Fall of the Day

Kate Upton's Topless Bikini Shoot Fall

Kate Upton has been working out for the last 3 years to fit into a bikini again, despite having a dumpy, even gross, sloppy tit body that America fucking loves…

So SI need the clickbait and brought the broad back back to the beach, where they had her stand on something she fell the fuck off, only for the 40 person production team, because it takes a team to make shitty played out photoshoots, of shitty played out bitches, look good…and no nipples were flashed in the making of this publicity stunt the paid paparazzzi put out…because that’s not in her contract…she’s Hollywood now..

Dumb. Yes..her butt unimpressive. Yes. All this shit doesn’t matter. Totally.

She’s so fancy and rich and famous now…isn’t she…

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  • MustacheSunglasses

    She’s a cow.

  • Montana Banks

    She is disgusting

  • She’s got the biggest back in the modeling game…

    The first 170 pound model to get booked as a regular sized model….

    Bigger than the Whirlpool Washing machine her Grandfather Invented…

    A monster really.

  • Ready to be milked.

  • MustacheSunglasses

    She should change her name to ‘Back Fat’ I’d just as soon fuck a wwf wrestlers.

  • Mary Donna Olade

    moo …can I go for a ride ?

  • the man from amsterdam

    i remember a jezus martinez on ‘hill street blues” that character was a badass.

  • Bob Frapples

    post your pic and we’ll compare, chubby.