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Rosario Dawson Naked Selfie of the Day

Rosari Dawson Nude

Rosario Dawson is irritating…

She was the slutty Teen in KIDS that Harmony Korine pulled out of some housing project her family were squatting at, and she turned into some bullshit celebrity brat who could afford all the cocaine while being a total cunt thanks to getting cast in movies, totally straying from the girl willing to get naked….

She was busty, her career flourished, her ego inflated, totally disregarding her ghetto roots….I’ve heard so many stories from so many people…that she’s the worst..

Then a few months ago, her nudes got leaked, her lawyers came out trying to delete them, and her response has been “post sleazy strategic nudes”…as a fuck you to the nudes she threatened to sue people like me for posting..

I guess, she liked the nudes out there, wants people jerking off to her now that she’s 40, but has to pretend to fight the nudes…so it seems like she didn’t leak them herself, only to have her post shit like that that are technically nude..just not gaping pussy nudes…but still nude enough for me to say “girl why the fuck you bugging me with lawyers, when you’re putting the nudes out yourself”…I guess it’s a feminist “I control my nudes, you can’t post stolen nudes”…bullshit that irritates me and she’s not even that hot with that horse head..tits or get out yo.

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