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Paige VanZant at 115 Lbs Topless of the Day

Paige VanZant Topless

Paige VanZant is an MMA fighter, I don’t watch MMA because I find half naked dude on dude one of the gayest things to watch, the beating of each other just adds to the gayness, like a gay guy with a prison rape fantasy so hard he gets himself arrested, only gayer because the gay dudes watching UFC don’t even know they are gay, they just know they are charged, excited and loving the “technique of the fight”…while the ring girls, who are really trashy Vegas strippers are just used as bait to masturabte to…you know…

Then they package these other girls, who got into fighting because their boyfriends loved it so much it was the only way they’d get fucked…and little killers like this Paige VanZant exist, make money and post hot topless weigh-in pics….at 115 instead of 125 because why not challenge yourself. I’ve seen Karate Kid and this shit is about Discipline..

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