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Josephine Skriver Does Instagram of the Day

Josephine Skriver naked on Instagram

The most interesting thing about Josephine Skriver is that when she came to NYC she was a Virgin and ended up dating some dude who has fucked countless models before her…for whatever reason they are drawn to him or something…and for whatever reasons she figured while in NYC working for a huge brand, she might as well make her first virgin losing time one that counts because it comes with AIDS. It’s not a death sentence…

Assuming she can get aids, which is possible she can’t because the other interesting thing about Josephine Skriver is that she’s a robot, or humanoid, created in a lab in the Netherlands by a homosexual biologist and his lesbian friend, in some crafting the perfect designer human in a test tube and I think it’s safe to say – they succeeded…this girl is MINT. Extra. The Good Good.

This is her Raiders Promotion while in Nashville, since Nashville is trendy now…

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