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Bella Thorne’s Hard Nipple of the DAy

Bella Thorne's Hard Nipple

I don’t know why I am still posting this nonsense, but here’s Bella Thorne’s hard nipples and some slutty video compilation of her in lingerie “acting” not that “acting” really means anything…it’s more just her existing and getting in front of the camera to act a fool while perverts watch, or because perverts will watch and that in and of itself is all she’s good for..and with her body looking like this…I am all for it…but that face, it’s getting more and more jacked up and tranny….she’s shit, useless, but having a good time…and I guess not giving a fuck what anyone really thinks as long as she keeps getting paid and making that money…it’s all a joke, it’s all a troll, and we are the suckers being blinded by the probably fake tits…

I just think there’s so much more to the world than being a vapid, mall brand of a human…why isn’t she saving AIDS babies, even if AIDS isn’t a death sentence..there’s more that she could do with her day and audience than show off tits…but why would she…because America celebrates and rewards this shit.

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