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Elsa Hosk Topless for IG of the Day

Elsa Hosk Topless for IG

Elsa Hosk is a Victoria’s Secret contract girl, the new Candice, since Candice is old and boring, despite still being hot…only she’s as old as Candice so I don’t really know how she worked her way into this, but I do know she used to be a low level nude model, who broke through the noise and became a VS girl, getting paid, later in her career, giving all the slutty girls on IG hope that they will be found before turning 30 too…

She posted these boring topless pics and she looks good, fit, half naked…good times…until you realize she’s an entitled ego who uses her VS contract as a justification for her cunty behavior…they all do and girls like Elsa Hosk should because they hot.

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