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Top 20 SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week

Every week we put together this amazing, inspiring, entertaining, comical, lovely video piece featuring our friends from the Cam world doing things that aren’t traditionally associated with what they do…you know masturbating for perverts…because they are SFW…..

I’ve been watching Cam Sites forever and realized the best part of the cam girl show is not the hardcore part, it’s the build up, the personality, the performances to get people in to want to watch the hardcore part…

Some girls don’t even get naked on cam, and people just watch them, because they are that compelling in their act, or the dudes are just exhibitionists..

Either way, behind every climax to any story…is the build up….and this is how these amazing babes build it up….not everything is graphic and out there…some things are fun, playful and a good time.

That said, you can see all these babes naked and fucking themselves if you CLICK HERE

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