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January Jones Whoring of the Day

January Jones Whoring

January Jones is only interesting because she had a secret baby with a secret rich guy – who knows who he is, who she knows who he is, who’s wife probably knows who he is, but who the public can’t know who he is…because it’s one of those bad looks situations…you know she used her uterus to guarantee revenue for 18 years…took a payment to be silent and will forever be a happy mom who raises her kid by a nanny…

Or maybe she’s genuinely the kind of woman who can’t have that last abortion because it can kill her chances of having kids…or maybe she’s the kind of woman who just wants to breed and hates men and wants to do it on her own…I know girls like that…they’d go to bars and get knocked up intentionally and never tell the dude..but she’s hollywood and calculating proven by her hard nipple selfies so I don’t trust anything coming out of anything named January.

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