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Rita Ora’s Sports Bra of the Day

Rita Ora's Sports Bra

Rita Ora, a celebrity you’ve never heard, but who is famous for whatever reason, a reason I call attempting to be a replacement Rihanna, or a SCAB really, if Rihanna actually left Roc Nation, he would have just put her in the mix and build her up, but instead Rihanna didn’t leave Roc Nation and instead ran a clothing line with PUMA through Roc Nation as well as all the hit songs, making Beyonce’s baby’s inheritance next level in the BILLION DOLLAR status…leaving RITA ORA TO DIE…and scramble…figuring out what it is she is…and she does it in low level selfies that get a lot of likes…but none of even know what she is….but we still look at the shamelessness.

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