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January Jones Flashing her Bra of the Day

January Jones Flashing her Bra

I don’t know much about January Jones, but I’ll assume that she’s a typical actress who made it to a certain extent in Hollywood, by doing what it takes to make it in Hollywood, only most people don’t like admitting that they got to Hollywood that way, they like to think they made it happen on their own merit..it’s basic psychology…no one wants to admit they are a whore, even though they are whores, and behave like whores…especially when they position it as just having fun….

Like this pic of January Jones…flashing bra…for no reason but attention…pretending it’s her Christmas card look…like she pretends her kid out of wedlock with a mystery man isn’t guaranteed monthly revenue for someone who likely thought she’d never make it.

I don’t care enough about January Jones to know her backstory…or to look it up, but I do know she’s a celebrity for whatever reason and celebrity in bra is content to me.

Just working on different scenarios for my Christmas card.. This is my James Brolin shirt from the og Amityville Horror, snowflake bra, green heart necklace, pink eyeglasses, and feathered bangs look option. All those things make me think of Christmas and the fact that I have to explain that to everyone is so stupid. Option B to come.

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