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Kendall Jenner Made 22 Million Dollars Last Year of the Day

Kendall Jenner made 22 million dollars last year…which is enough money to re-affirm her position as being an important player in the grand scheme of the world…rewarded like the rest of her family, despite being the fucking worst humans ever…the people other people can’t stand…yet girl’s still making 22 million dollars…it’s weird, it makes no sense on a cultural level, why would such garbage be celebrated so much, and she’s not even hot…but America is about consumption, girl has following, girl gets paid a commission, like an AVON lady, disguised as a model…but that doesn’t mean it’s not gross…

The good news is that it’s enough money for her to get the good face injections.

Here are some of her highlights of the year….the 22 million dollars of highlights..

Here she is in a see through..

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