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Katharine McPhee in US Weekly Attention Seeking Paparazzi Bikini Pics of the Day

Katharine McPhee in US Weekly Attention Seeking Paparazzi Bikini Pic

I guess US Weekly sent a fake paparazzi to capture fake papaprazzi pictures of Katharine McPhee in a bikini – because they are exploitative media that create nonsense news or clickbait – by putting really uninteresting celebrities into bikinis – and exploiting those pictures aggressively for perverts to look at judge the celebrity body – a magazine created for women, I mean no dude anywhere is buying this shit, but yet they feature slutty bikini pics of the girl on all fours in her bikini, seems off brand from what the trashy middle of the road, lower class, older ladies would be into seeing…but I guess TITS GET HITS…

The fact that McPhee is partnering up with US Weekly to produce bikini photoshoots to distribute and to draw attention to herself in the tabloids is pretty fucking funny…

But not as funny as the fact that a few months ago pics of her labia reduction surgery / recovery surfaced and that was just fucking gross.

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  • D’Fwan

    Low class

  • Flawlessme

    so obvious.

  • Michael Esposito

    Probably wasn’t held enough as a child.